1 How does laser tattoo removal work?
2 How much does it cost?
3 Can a tattoo with lots of colors be removed?
4 Will it be gone after my first treatment?
5 Why has nothing changed after a treatment?
6 Can I come back sooner than six weeks?
7 Are there any limitations after treatment?

08 Can I have just part of my tattoo removed?
09 Can I have permanent makeup removed?
10 Can I buy just one treatment at a time?
11 Will I have a scar?
12 Does it hurt?
13 What should I do before my treatment?
14 What do I need to do after I am treated?
2 How much does it cost?

In order for us to give you a firm price we would prefer to see you in person. We would be able to have a good look at your tattoo and see what work is required and what your options could be. There would be no charge for this service and you are welcome to pop in at any time.

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