1 How does laser tattoo removal work?
2 How much does it cost?
3 Can a tattoo with lots of colors be removed?
4 Will it be gone after my first treatment?
5 Why has nothing changed after a treatment?
6 Can I come back sooner than six weeks?
7 Are there any limitations after treatment?

08 Can I have just part of my tattoo removed?
09 Can I have permanent makeup removed?
10 Can I buy just one treatment at a time?
11 Will I have a scar?
12 Does it hurt?
13 What should I do before my treatment?
14 What do I need to do after I am treated?
12 Does it hurt?

Pain is your personal perception and everyone experiences it differently. There is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in this procedure. Most people would say it feels like an elastic band snapping against the skin, but it's a very quick procedure, much faster than tattooing. You can purchase Emla Cream from Boots Pharamacy prior to your treatment, put a generous amount of Emla cream over your tattoo and cover with cling film 1 hour before your treatment and this will numb the area.

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